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Tuesday, October 19, 2010


The advantages of facebook


Recently, there are many people in this world love to connect using social network. For instance Twitter, Tagged, Friendster, Facebook and others. As a result, many people using this social network, especially Facebook to connect with each other. There are many advantages that we can get when we using Facebook.

As the other students, facebook will be an informal way to get connection with their lecturer. Students can chat with their lecturer and discuss about their lesson. We can change information and sharing new ideas using facebook with other from other world.
Facebook is the best way to connect with my friends. For example we can find my old friends from primary school and secondary school. Before this we were lost contact but nowadays, we can continue the relationship again. It's so amazing!

Other than that, we can find new friends by adding them to our facebook friends. We can get about hundreds friends from many countries such as in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Jordan. However, we should not too trust to the friends that we have known from social space. This is because some of them are not too sincere to become our friends.

Besides that, I we can release our tension when on facebook. This is because, we can play many games in facebook space. For instance Shopping Mall and Farm Ville. Besides that, we can try many exciting quizzes when we are boring.

As a results,
informal way to get connection with, we can find new friends and we can release our tension are the benefits of using facebook. This is the way to interact with people.
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